Puppy Training

How to Train a Puppy - The Right Way!

cute puppyIt is one of the most exciting feelings when you are about to get a new puppy. There are so many possibilities and you will soon be able to hold them and cuddle with them and play with them. When you do get one though, you will start to realize just how much needs to get done so he or she will be able to grow up the right way.

You have to remember that your little pup looks to you for guidance.

Dogs need our help to fit into society, and when you give them the leadership that they need, they will thrive. You can really determine what kind of animal they become, and that includes things like their attitude, personality, and habits. If you want an obedient dog that will obey your commands and not cause you a lot of frustration, then now is the time to teach them.

And though raising a puppy and teaching them good behavior is not all fun, it is definitely worth it. If you have never raised a puppy before, then you might be shocked at how active and curious they are. They will want to chew on everything they can put their mouth around, poop and pee every couple feet, and whine during the middle of the night. It's normal for them to act this way - after all, they're just babies. But with a little guidance, you can help them to grow out of those annoying habits.

You have two main goals. The first is puppy training, and that means being a leader to your dog and teaching them obedience. The next is puppy socialization, and that invovles getting them used to being around other people, from kids to adults, so they will always treat humans with respect. You'll also want to socialize them with other dogs so you can take them anywhere you want.

It will be hard to stay firm with your little pup sometimes, but it's for their own good. What you do know can affect how long they live.

The more consistent and firm you are at the beginning, the quicker your pup will learn, regardless of what breed they are. You need to give them leash training, crate training, basic obedience, and house training early on. They will get used to those things and accept them. It is possible to teach these things to older dogs, but it is quite a bit more challenging.

Positive Puppy Training is the Way to Go

You are going to experience a lot of frustration when your little friend is disobedient, but you need to avoid violent punishments. If you are able to praise and reward your dog when they do the right things, you will make them a lot happier and more responsive. When you use negative training, they tend to grow fearful of you and other people. Fear is never a good quality in an animal, as it can cause them to lash out.

The best way to go about training your puppy is to show them the right way to do things. It's much eaiser than fixing problem behaviors that they get used to.

Puppies are like children, so they have very short attention spans. You need to keep training sessions very short but keep them consistent. It also helps quite a bit if you can make it fun for the puppy. By starting out with easier things, you will be able to slowly keep building. In other words, don't expect to teach him or her to roll over before they understand how to sit!

Repitition is so important! The more you do a command or a trick, the more ingrained in the dog it will become.
When your dog does something right, reward them! Give them a treat, praise them loudly, pet them behind the ears! You will be building up their confidence and that helps them to grow into a calm, loving, obedient friend.

Your puppy is not going to be perfect right from the start, and how many repetitions it takes before they learn a trick varies from breed to breed. If you are patient though, you can teach them anything you want. Don't get frustrated or annoyed, because your dog can sense that. Stay positive, and they will stay positive.
Remember, repitition is the key!

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