Dog Whispering

Dog Whispering - What is it and Can You Do it?

dog whisperingA lot of people are familiar with dog whispering because of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. He has this uncanny ability to be able to connect with dogs and eliminate problem behavior.

That is basically what dog whispering means. You are able to build a great understanding and awareness of the instincts and thinking process of dogs. Because of this understanding, you will be able to really connect with dogs in  deep and personal way.

The reason that you need to build up this kind of connection is because humans and dogs are different species. It is not always easy or natural to communicate with one another. If only it were possible to sit down and have a chat with our dogs like we could with a human, how much easier would training be?

Your goal should be to get your training techniques to be as close as possible to what dogs are accustomed to. You will learn that constantly correcting your dog and giving them commands is not the way to go. To get an idea about how dogs really feel, try to imagine someone you've dealt with that is very bossy or only talks about themselves. They seem to be completely oblivious about what other people are thinking, even if you give them signals that you are annoyed or bored. Those kinds of people are not that great to be around, are they? Now think about how you are with your dog. Do you pay attention to their signals, or do you just try to bark orders and do what you want all day? Now think about people that you feel really care about you and know what you want. Think about the people that really know when you're feeling happy and when you're down. How much more receptive to those people are you? Don't you want to spend a lot of time with them?

So by paying better attention to the way our dogs communicate, we can really reach them better, both during training sessions and in life in general.

Learning dog whispering means paying attention to the ways that dogs are used to communicating their feelings. They use their body language, posture, facial expressions, energy, tail and ear movements, and even their voices to try to tell you how they are feeling. It's not easy to always pick up on them because humans rely mostly on verbal communication. If you want to be a good dog whisperer, you are going to have to learn to really observe your dog and pay attention to what they are telling you.

You will be amazed at what a difference it makes to stop talking and start listening to your dog for a minute. You will finally be able to build that deep connection that professional dog trainers seem to be able to enjoy.

It is so much easier to help shape the behavior of your dog and stay in control when you understand them. You need to realize that they are a dog and treat them like one. You are actually respecting them more by treating them this way. Dog whisperers understand what dogs truly crave, rather than simply giving them anything they want or ignoring them. That's how you give them the best and happiest life possible.

Here's an example of a way that dog whispering could help you: Imagine that you go outside one day and find that your dog has dug up your brand new flowers and scattered them all over the lawn. This will undoubtedly make you furious, so you would probably be tempted to yell at your pet. Your dog will definitely be scared and show remorse, but the problem is that they aren't sure what they did wrong.

Unless you literally catch your dog digging up your flowers and scold them that instant, they will not know why you are mad. Even if you are a minute too late, your dog won't make a connection about what they did and why you are angry at them. Most people won't realize that because they fail to stop and listen to what their dogs are saying. If you practice dog whispering, you can prevent problem behaviors like digging up your flowers and avoid confusing your dog. It's totally worth it!

You can check out Dog Whispering at the official site of Cesar Millan for more information.

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