Crate Training

Crate Training Your Puppy the Easy Way

crate training puppiesDid you know that crate training is really important for the safety and happiness of your puppy? It isn't just about helping them to behave and avoid problems, though those are also benefits! In the end, it is important to crate train because of the puppy's benefit.

Remember that and the training process will be a lot easier!

A lot of people think that dogs don't like being in crates, but that is just not true! It will only be a matter of time before your puppy starts to see their crate as their private place for sleeping and feeling safe.

Here are some other great things you can use a crate for:

1. Teaching your puppy to only chew on their toys rather than things like furniture or shoes.

2. Helping to house train your puppy. Since they keep their sleeping area clean, they will avoid going potty in their crate. That is the starting point for puppy house training.

3. Teaching your puppy how to be independent. Many dogs can develop separation anxiety if they never learn how to be on their own. In a crate, they get used to this and it's much better for them.

4. Keeping your puppy safe at all times. When puppies are able to roam free, they can get injured or even killed by things like foreign objects and electrical wires.

5. Keeping your puppy out of the way when you have people over and don't want them to be disturbed.

6. Traveling with your puppy. Whether you just want to move the crate and your pup from one room to another in your home or you need to put them in your car to take them somewhere, it's easy when he or she is crate trained. Do you see why puppy crate training is such an important thing? You'll be doing a great thing for your pup and at the same time you'll be making it as easy as possible for them to stay out of trouble. The less trouble that they get in, the more positive their environment will be.

How to Choose the Right Puppy Crate

When you choose your crate, the most important thing is that you get the right size. You want your dog to be able to turn around inside the crate and feel comfortable, though they shouldn't have so much room that they don't feel secure.

There are two different types to choose from after you have found the right size. You can go with the wire ones or the plastic types. Puppies will be comfortable in either style so you can really choose whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that the plastic ones are usually easier to clean and more pleasant to carry around with you, especially if you're going to be doing a lot of driving.

How to Introduce Your Puppy to Their New Crate

You need to make your puppy see their crate as a great place to be so they will grow to love it. The goal is to get the puppy to believe that they are choosing to go into the crate rather than being put there against their will as punishment for something.

Some of the best puppy crate training tips involve slowly introducing them to their new bed by doing things like putting treats inside. Your puppy will go after the treats and then you need to really praise them for doing so. You should also put their blanket if they have one inside. It will make the crate start to feel more like home.

Remember, when you're first starting out, you need to do all these things with the door of the crate still open. Put your pup's food inside so they eat there. Toys are also really useful for training your puppy to love their crate. You can put new ones inside that will allow your puppy to "find" them on his or her own, and you can also put one inside when the door is closed. Your puppy will see it behind the door, and will really want to get inside. You will really be teaching your puppy to "want" to go inside.

Like all things related to puppy training, be patient! You can slowly build up how long your pup is inside, and eventually they will be able to make it through the entire night without a peep.

Crate Training Puppies Tips

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