Behavior Problems

Dog Behavior Problems - How to Fix Them

behavior problemsDog behavior problems are things like chewing on furniture, biting, barking at people, and jumping up on them. They can also be things that are a lot more serious and things that aren't so bad. No matter what they are, there are training techniques that you can use to fix them, no matter how old your dog is!

One thing that is good to know is that all dog breeds experience behavior problems. And even if you spend a lot of time working on training and obedience, they might still happen. The important thing is for you to correct them so you keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.

What Causes Dog Behavior Problems?

Behavior problems don't come about because our dogs are bad or want to cause trouble. They are usually because of something relating to:

Communitcation issues. If your dog does things like biting, chewing, or barking, it is probably because they don't know what you want from them. You will need to work on listening to your dog better so you can properly communciate what you expect.

Separation anxiety. Your dog might feel anxious or upset when you are not around. There are ways that you can help them be more independent so they won't be tempted to causes problems when they are not getting attention.

Lack of training or not being consistent. If you did not start teaching your dog obedience from when they were a puppy, then you will have to spend time correcting their behavior while helping them to build new habits. Every single time they do something that they shouldn't, you need to correct them and you need to catch them in the act. If you aren't consistent, you'll just confuse your dog more.

Accidentially rewarding problem behavior. A lot of the things that dogs do are in an effort to get your attention. If you give them that attention, even by telling them, "No" then you are reinforcing that problem behavior. You will need to work to eliminate that type of behavior altogether.

What you should see is that all dog behavior problems are a result of miscommunication between you and your pet. The better you get at communicating with them, the less behavior problems you will need to worry about.

You Can Fix and Control Your Dog, No Matter What the Problem Behavior!

Dogs that end up in the pound or in animal shelters are there a lot of the time because they had too many problem behaviors and their owners just gave up on them. It should not be that way, and even if you think your dog is downright bad, you can manage them and correct their behavior.

Remember, they don't automatically know what is right and what is wrong! You have to teach them!

Like everything else dog training and obedience related, being patient and consistent are critical. If you stay committed to showing your dog what good behavior is, you will be able to stop any problem and keep them from coming back in the future. The ball is in your court!

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In Depth Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

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Stop Dog Barking - Most dog owners have to deal with excessive barking at one point or another. It is in their nature to do so if they feel threatened or if they want to communicate with you. You need to learn the right way to get them to stop without accidentally making them think they are helping.

Stop Dog Digging - If you want to be able to have a nice yard with flowers and plants that you can enjoy then you need to stop dog digging. Your dog wants to naturally do this, so you have to teach them that it is not good behavior. These tips make it very easy to do.

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